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Online Divorce

Traditionally, applications for divorce have been made on paper and in recent years the process has become fraught with delays, with many people waiting for over a year for their divorce to be finalised.

Since May 2018, an online divorce portal has been trialled to streamline the divorce process and according to HM Courts & Tribunals Service, more than 70,000 divorces have been initiated in this way:

The trial period for the new system is now at an end and we therefore have signed up for access to the online service, which we intend to use to provide our clients with a faster and more efficient divorce. We understand that the online system reduces the risk of papers being misplaced as everything can be accessed and monitored online. Ready access to information as to the progress of a divorce should also help to contain costs.

In due course, we understand that the online divorce process is due to be expanded so that additional applications can be made online. For now, a straightforward divorce can be processed entirely via the online system.

We anticipate that online divorce will provide real benefits to our clients and will help to avoid the unnecessary delays that currently prevent people from moving on with their lives.

To make an enquiry about divorce please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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