Cohabitation and separation

If you are going to move in with someone or if you already live together, we can remove uncertainty by guiding you through the process of entering into a cohabitation agreement. We can assist you enter into clear and enforceable agreements, setting out how the finances will work during the relationship and what will happen in the event of separation.

If a cohabiting relationship should break down, it is essential to obtain expert advice about this complex area of law at an early stage. In the event of a dispute, we can ensure that the process is as efficient as possible and can navigate you calmly through the court process if necessary.

We will consider all of your options with you and will help you resolve the dispute outside of the court process if appropriate. We find this gives our clients more flexibility and control over the decisions that affect them. Where court proceedings are necessary, we will provide you with clear advice and act robustly on your behalf.