Frequently Asked Questions

Every family, and therefore every family law matter, is different and unique. We will discuss your particular circumstances with you in detail at an initial meeting but here are some frequently asked questions which we hope give you some initial and general guidance.
When should I consult a solicitor?

Get advice early. We often meet with people who have made decisions about money, property or children immediately following a separation and without taking legal advice. Whilst the decisions you make are ultimately a matter for you, it is important that you understand the consequences of any decisions you make and it is always beneficial for you to understand your legal position before you make them.

How do I start the process?

Please feel free to call us on 02083427760 or email us at for a no-obligation chat about your options.

How long will the process take?

This depends on the issues that need to be resolved. A divorce rarely takes less than four – six months and if there are financial/children issues to consider as well, things can take longer to conclude. We work with our clients to ensure that resolution is found as soon as possible.

Should I move out of the family home?

We would strongly suggest that no major decisions are made without obtaining legal advice first.

Where can I access other information and forms of support?

There is a wealth of information online.  Here are some recommended websites:

Resolution – Fact sheets and directories of solicitors and mediators

Divorce and Children – Advice and tips for separated parents on how to help children manage family change

Family Mediation Council –  Information on mediation and directory of local mediators

Sorting our separation – Government website bringing together information and tools to help you through the process of relationship breakdown

Parent Connection – Offers support, interactive courses and information for separating parents

Cafcass – Provides resources including a parenting plan template, case studies and materials that can be printed off for children.

Relate – Relationship advice and information for separating parents

Money Advice Service – Useful tools and information on money issues

Government website – Information on divorce and separation, child maintenance, tax credits, benefits, debt etc.

How much will it cost and what are my funding options?

We will always charge you transparently. We will discuss the likely total costs at the outset and keep you updated throughout the process. Our charges are based on hourly rates, which vary according to which member of the team is working on your case. We can discuss different funding options with you and sometimes it is possible for us to assist you in accessing litigation funding.