Arrangements for children

We can help you decide how much time your children will spend with each of you and what arrangements can be put in place to make sure that the children feel able to maintain the best possible relationship with you both.

Every family, and every child is unique. Children need to be listened to and their voices should be heard and considered in an age-appropriate manner, whilst the adults make these difficult decisions. We can advise you about the appropriate way to do this for your family. Our aim is to try and ensure that you and your partner are able to move forward together as co-parents where this is possible and safe.

Ensuring children are kept safe from risk of harm is paramount and where there are safeguarding concerns, we can navigate through the sometimes complex court process to ensure that your children’s welfare is promoted and protected at all times.

Sometimes there are very difficult decisions that need to be made, such as whether a parent can take a child to live abroad or whether a child should move schools or undergo a medical procedure. We can advise on specific issues relating to children so that you are fully informed of your options.

We can also act quickly in urgent situations, for example, where there is a concern that your child will be removed from this country by your co-parent.

We have links with other professionals and can signpost you to different services should you or your children need other forms of support through the process.

We work with external agencies which provide additional support to families and children experiencing separation. Please see the links below for further information:

Advice and practical resources for children

An interactive website produced by charity “One Plus One”

Useful information for parents and children

Useful section on children and parenting

A programme supporting children through family separation

We can provide you with further information and resources when we are able to assess your family’s specific needs.