Financial arrangements

Deciding upon appropriate financial arrangements can be daunting. There are often many issues that need to be considered including where you will live, how you will meet your outgoings, how to pay the school fees and what to do with pensions or a family business.

We advise clients with different financial positions, seeking out pragmatic and practical solutions whether the asset base is large or relatively limited. Some of our clients have straightforward finances, with much of the wealth held in the family home. Others have complex business structures or international elements to consider. No matter the situation, we ensure that all clients are given the highest level of client care and are fully appraised of all of their options.

The first step in any financial discussion is to ensure that both parties are fully aware of the family finances. We will help clients who are less used to dealing with financial matters to be empowered by ensuring that they understand how their family finances work. We can tailor the provision and exchange of information and documentation to suit the needs of each individual client, but will ensure that robust enquiries are made where necessary. In the event of suspected or perhaps obvious non-disclosure, we have strong relationships with professional who can trace assets or forensically scrutinise accounts.

Most of our cases are resolved without the need for a court application. Where the assistance of the court is required, we take a constructive but strong approach. We work with the best family law barristers to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality representation and achieve the best outcome.