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We can help with a range of issues across a broad spectrum of family law matters. Please see below for further information or contact us to discuss you particular matter.

The end of a relationship can be a very difficult time. Handled sensitively and with the right specialist advice, the legal process of divorce itself can be relatively simple.

We can guide you through the divorce process, ensuring that it is not more painful than it needs to be.

We can help you decide whether to proceed with a divorce using an online portal, or a more traditional paper process.

Many other issues including housing, finances and children will need to be carefully considered. We can guide you through your options and help you make the decisions that are best for you.

Financial arrangements

The financial issues arising from divorce are always important and can be complex. It is essential that you are fully aware of your options from an early stage. We will provide you with realistic advice to help you reach decisions about your future in a cost-effective manner.

We will do all we can to ensure that you can reach agreements swiftly where possible. We can advise upon different choices available to assist you in finding solutions, from modern and flexible dispute resolution options to the more traditional methods used by solicitors.

We always explore alternatives to court but if it necessary to use the court process to resolve financial disputes we will navigate you through calmly, efficiently and with vigour.

Arrangements for childen

The breakdown of their parents’ relationship can be very difficult for children. If separation is approach in the right way, it need not be traumatic or damaging. Research shows that it is long-term exposure to conflict that is most damaging to children, and the separation process in itself.

We believe that children should be central to the separation process and can help you explore ideas and make decisions that will work for your family.

Cohabitation and separation

Couples who live together but are not married do not have the same responsibilities towards one another as married couples, or those in a civil partnership.

Many people are unaware of the law surrounding cohabitation: there is no such thing as a common law spouse. The law surrounding cohabiting couples is complex and disputes about division of assets upon separation can be costly and lengthy.

Financial provision for a child

When parents are not married to each other they have limited financial obligations to one another. They do however have financial obligations towards the child and we can advise unmarried parents about their rights, obligations and responsibilities.

It is increasingly common for parents to be unmarried. People often view cases dealing with financial provision for a child to be the preserve of wealthy parents (footballers etc.), but this is not the reality. Many parents find themselves needing to understand this area of laws and how it affects them and their children.

Pre (and post) nuptial agreements

Arranging financial affairs at the start of a relationship may avoid problems later on. We can prepare an agreement to suit your tailored needs, designed to prevent future difficulties or uncertainty.

If you are planning to get married or enter into a civil partnership it is advisable to understand what that might mean for you, in the event of a future separation.

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