Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a fundamentally different and innovative approach to settling family disputes. Couples who wish to reach a fair solution without litigation may benefit from this approach.

If you both choose a solicitor who is collaboratively trained, you have the option of negotiating a settlement through a series of structured meetings specifically designed to resolve your particular dispute. This tailored approach is intended to be less formal and stressful than court-based litigation. It is often much quicker and can be more cost-effective.

Your own chosen legal advisor is with you at every meeting to guide you through an agenda set by you. You are in control of the pace and timing of meetings. Because we are working together to achieve a workable compromise, the atmosphere is likely to promote positive results.

It is possible to deal with many matters in a collaborative way. We can do collaborative pre-nuptial agreements or cohabitation agreements, as well as dealing with relationship breakdown through the collaborative process.