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“Divorce day” – just a myth?

Every year the media appears to write articles about so called ‘Divorce Day’. The media suggests that there is an omen day for divorce, and that this is on the first working Monday after the Christmas break. The reality is that divorce takes place every day – divorce is unique and different for everyone.

That being said, the Christmas and New Year period can be a difficult time for many people. Sometimes during this time off work the cracks in a relationship start to show and pressure builds. It has been argued that there is a correlation between this and a peak in the numbers of people wanting to file for a divorce.

Now that the New Year has started and the festive season is officially over, there can be a feeling of the need for a fresh start and you might be thinking of what would be best for your future. Although divorce can be a hugely difficult process, many people find their lives move in positive and different directions when a relationship breaks down. Here is an article detailing one woman’s journey throughout 2019, following her marriage breaking down over Christmas the previous year. The clear message is that there is life after divorce, even though those going through relationship breakdown now cannot see it.

It is very common that people make decisions about money, property or children without taking legal advice first. Whilst the decisions you make are ultimately a matter for you, it is important that you understand the consequences of any decisions you make. It is often tempting to make decisions which may not be in your best interests immediately following a relationship breaking down and it is always beneficial for you to understand your legal position before you do so. We also understand that family matters are not just legal and we will guide you to other forms of support where necessary.

At Family Law Associates we can guide you through the divorce process and provide you with sensible, clear and realistic advice. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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